Thursday, April 19, 2007

If It's Wednesday, It is Ex-Gay

This week Daniel Gonzales began a new weekly podcast, If It's Wednesday, It is Ex-Gay, in which he will update folks on some of the ex-gay news from the previous week and talk about upcoming event. The pod is available at Jim Burroway's excellent blog, Box Turtle Bulletin.

He really should interview Marvin!

In other Internet news, blogger Disputed Mutability came to my Homo No Mo show recently and has just posted a review about it. She writes about her momentary uneasiness at attending my show,
My gayness or ssa-ness or whatever doesn’t faze me at all, but the fact that I am kinda sorta one of those nefarious “ex-gays” is enough to make me blush and stammer in polite company. And I wasn’t sure what difficult memories of my own residential experience the show would dig up.
She shares a lot about her own experience as well as give a great overview of my play. She likes Marvin, so you know she's gotta be cool. About Marvin she writes,
I think Marvin was my favorite exgay character. Perhaps that’s in part because I’ve gotten to know him a little through his podcasts on Peterson’s blog. But it’s also because he seems so much more fully himself than the other three exgay characters. He’s got more backbone, more nerve, more sass–his tail ain’t quite as between his legs as with the other guys. He gets accused of being “active-aggressive,” and you can’t really imagine any of the others being accused of that. He’s gonna organize the Bibles according to year and accuracy of translation, and he don’t give a rat’s behind how anal-retentive you think he is for it.
Probably the most striking thing (and most affirming from my vantage as an artist) is when she writes about the residential program part of the play. She knows about residential living from her own experience, so her words hold lots of weight for me.
So, from my perspective, Doin’ Time didn’t only portray some of the details of program life, it also managed to duplicate the very feel of program life. Which impressed me a lot.
Yeah, I don't want to just tell people about my experience, I want to recreate it. You can read all of Disputed Mutability's review here.

I am back in Portland, OR after two days on the other side of Mount Hood over in Bend, OR where Bonnie Tinker and I spoke to sexuality classes and multicultural classes over at the college there and I had a show on Tuesday evening. Tonight I will lead a talk over at Portland State University, Gay & Christian? I definitely want to talk about the cultural aspects of Christianity in America as well as the spiritual experience of gay Christians.

You can see my performance schedule here.

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At 12:42 AM , Blogger grace said...

AUGH!! I thought you had something the weekend of JUNE 20. My friend and I want to come see you then! Is that still on?????


At 3:25 PM , Blogger Peterson Toscano said...

pam, pam, pam, no problems. I have not gotten that far in scheduling. So many gigs, so little time.

At 6:18 PM , Blogger grace said...

*whew*! :)


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